Episode 10: Retail Evolution – Amazon, Walmart, and IKEA


This week’s episode of Analytics Neat takes a look at the retail sector and the necessary evolution therein.  With Toys “R” Us’ demise, what are Walmart, Amazon, and IKEA doing to keep pace?  How is Walmart making moves to compete with Amazon?  Where do smart speakers fit into this equation?  All of this and more in this week’s episode.  Thanks for listening!

The post on smart speakers I mentioned can be found here.

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Walmart and…Robots?


Walmart has been in the news a few times over the past week or so regarding their investment in robotics and innovation.  I think it’s really easy to get caught up in the “sexy” innovation coming from firms like Tesla and miss out on some real, impactful innovation coming from a retailer like Walmart.  So, I’ll provide a quick walkthrough in this post of the couple robots that caught my eye.

I’ll lead with the innovation that is currently operational today:  robots roaming the aisles in 50 stores around the US.  Walmart has new, robotic employees that roam the aisles of the store three times per day to identify the stock of items, items placed in the wrong spot, incorrect prices, and missing labels.   As the robot identifies issues, it sends alerts to the store personnel to address.

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