Episode 2: Unilever, Facebook, and the Wild West of Digital


Thank you to everyone who downloaded and listened to Episode 1.  Episode 2 of the Analytics Neat Podcast explores Unilever’s threats to pull advertising from Facebook and Google citing content concerns and the “fake news” epidemic being widely discussed in the US.

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Meeting Framework to Build Open Communication


One of the most common complaints as a leader tends to be: I can’t fix what I can’t see.  In a fast-paced environment, or if your organization is growing leaps and bounds, you might find yourself heavily removed from the minutiae on a day to day basis.

Things that you might have typically been involved in are now being managed by leadership that you trust; leaders that you are creating a clearing for so that they may grow in their roles and build their teams.  However, the feedback loop isn’t always what you’d like it to be, or perhaps is simply being overlooked as people are running around in their daily jobs.

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Episode 1: Adobe and GDPR


Our first episode of Analytics Neat reviews recent communication from Adobe to its customers related to the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation.  We explore why this matters to brands and some questions to think about as an organization in this short-format podcast.

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